You don’t need to be on you own with Treasured Time here to support you!

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Mission Statement

Treasured Time’s purpose is to befriend people at home, providing companionship and support to individuals who may not have a close friends or family network to rely on when they most need it.

My name is Debbie Mansfield and these are some of the reasons for using my service:

Benefits of Treasured Time:

  • It’s good for everyone’s wellbeing to have face to face contact with somebody who takes an interest in how you are feeling.
  • Spending quality one to one time with someone relieves loneliness, boredom and isolation, and will boost your morale.
  • Getting out and about is good for our physical health, and it’s always nicer when it’s a shared experience – whether shopping or going for a walk to appreciate the outdoor environment.
  • Having support at home can take away some of the stress that might be causing you a concern.


Please see SERVICES page for more information.

Visits can be organized to suit you, whether regular or not! This may even be on a short term basis, i.e. convalescing following illness or hospital admission, when extra help is required to get you back on your feet.

Who might need my support;

  • Individuals that live alone, helping them to find time for enjoyment and to enhance their daily living.
  • Carers so that they can spend time with a companion themselves, or have time to go out and about whist their loved one is being supported at home.
  • Relatives who have a busy working life, so that they know someone is there for their loved one when they can’t be due to work or holiday commitments.

NOTE: Please note this is a companionship service and therefore I’m not able to provide personal care, or give out medication.

If you’d like to find out how I can help you, call me now on 07890 134 656


Living in Australia, we rely on Debbie as an invaluable helper, organiser and companion for my elderly mum who suffers from memory loss. Debbie is kind, compassionate, caring and has a very cheerful personality.  

Doreen and Jackie

I get a lot of paperwork and appointments to sort out, so its good to have Debbie to help  sort it all out with me, then I know what I am doing and when!

Rita P