Joy at christmas?

Christmas is a time of families and friends getting together and enjoying festive food, and having fun with each other.

We also have to remember that for many it is a lonely and emotional time when family members, and friends are no longer with us – especially as we get older. People often face a Christmas alone.

If you know someone locally that needs a boost invite them in for a festive drink – giving even an hour to someone living alone will make a world of difference to them.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and hope the New Year brings new beginnings that you can enjoy.

Looking for a care home?

It is daunting when the time comes to put a relative into care, but eventually when caring for someone at home becomes just too much, it’s a necessary step to take.

Social services needs to be the first stop to initiate a care needs assessment and means test to see what funding can be given towards paying costs.

The AGE UK website holds a lot of information too, and you can contact a local office to discuss your needs and concerns with someone.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) website lists all care homes and care at home services, and grades them through inspection. At least this can be a start point when looking for homes in your area.

At the end of the day visiting a care home, asking questions and getting a feel for the environment and how the residents seem has to be the way forwards.


Many people will be looking to see if the lunch clubs in Sheffield will start to operate again from September. It would be a huge relief for people that used to attend these, and also brings hope to new members who may be looking for a group to join to help them socialise again with people their own age. I know of a couple that are opening again in Sheffield. For information contact your local church to ask if they can confirm a start date or keep an eye on the Sheffield Council website.

Social care is under scrutiny again by the Government, particularly for the elderly, who often have to end up selling their homes to cover the cost of care in a home. Local councils also struggle to cover the cost of nursing home care for those who cannot afford to pay the cost themselves. With our senior citizens living longer, it will become an issue for many of us in the future, and definitely something to follow.

A better Summer

As we are coming towards the end of the lockdown restrictions, we cautiously look forward to a more relaxed lifestyle again. For the elderly and those who have been shielding, it is still a worrying time to know what to do and when. I have been working with people throughout the pandemic and understand the anxiety people still feel.

Looking forwards though, it has been good reconnecting with clients in person and enjoying the face-to-face contact again. With the warmer weather here it’s nice to get outside, even if this is only in the garden or walking locally. Some clients are glad to be able to go back to doing normal things like doing the shopping or going out for a coffee again – something we all used to take for granted.

If you want to increase your social connections and start getting out and about again, do give Treasured Time a call, I will be happy to discuss your needs.

Greater freedom in Care Homes

From this week residents will have more freedom to visit family at home in the garden without having to self-isolate for 14 days when they return to the home. Visits to parks are also on the list of guidance that enable residents to get out and about without the self-isolation.

Some residents may not have been outside for over 12 months, so this will be a real boost to them and their families. Not all Care homes are following the new guidance, but many will want to give residents more access to the outdoors and what they are able to do to improve quality of life.