• Relaxing over a cup of tea and having a good chat – boosting morale
  • Sharing the enjoyment of a pastime whether a hobby or a playing a game
  • Exercising the brain by reading a book or a newspaper and discussing the issues together
  • Boosting physical health by going for a walk and appreciating the outdoor environment (depending on mobility)
  • Listening and appreciating music together
  • Help and support for attending an appointment at your GP/Dentist or local hospital
  • Organising a meal out somewhere to get a change of scenery

Home Help

  • Going shopping for food or clothes together
  • Have help doing some of the house hold chores you don’t find easy (by mutual agreement)
  • Assistance with pet care i.e. feeding/dog walking/going to the vets
  • Taking items for dry cleaning and picking them up to save you a journey, or collecting a prescription on your behalf
  • Assistance with meal preparation or doing some baking together
  • Help with washing or ironing
  • Emptying the bins
  • Checking expiry dates on food items in fridge/rotation


  • Organising repairs or maintenance around the home
  • Arranging appointments or being support and company to get to appointments at the GP/dentist/ or local hospital (depending on mobility)
  • Helping to surf the net and source information on services available locally to you
  • Help to keep in touch with family and friends by setting up on Facebook, Skype/ or Face time
  • Assistance with replying to correspondence or emails


  • Any of the above services during the course of your return to full health

Residential home visits

  • See separate page.

Main areas covered are:

Sheffield S6/S7/S8/S10/S11/S17. Other areas may be considered. Please contact me to discuss your needs further.