Dementia Carers

I have and do work with people looking after a partner or relative who has dementia. I therefore, understand the pressure and stress associated with caring for someone every day and night. Dementia presents with a range of symptoms and behaviours from mild to severe.

I am glad to be able to give carers a break by spending one to one time with their partner or relative. This allows them to do something for themselves unhindered, knowing their relative is in safe hands. I build a relationship with both parties, and like to find out what interests may be appropriate to try and inspire the person being cared for.

Above all it is about building trust with the person being cared for, and their carer.

It’s nice to get out!

With the Spring here and the weather set to warm up over the coming weeks, its the time to get out and about and see nature blossoming. The daffodil’s are just coming into there best displays, and the blossom trees are erupting into flower.

I take my clients out to the local parks like Graves, Hillsborough, and Millhouses and also the Botannical Gardens where there is a never ending change of scenery. If you want help to get out and appreciate the local area why not give me a try!

relief from lockdown in care homes

Many care homes had to go into a months lockdown following the festive period. This thankfully comes to an end for most this month and visiting can resume. I know it is hard for both the residents and the relatives when they cannot see each other face to face. The telephone is not the same as talking to someone in person.

Activity programmes should recommence soon too, which will give some focus and enjoyment to residents that have had to do without the stimulation.

Joy at christmas?

Christmas is a time of families and friends getting together and enjoying festive food, and having fun with each other.

We also have to remember that for many it is a lonely and emotional time when family members, and friends are no longer with us – especially as we get older. People often face a Christmas alone.

If you know someone locally that needs a boost invite them in for a festive drink – giving even an hour to someone living alone will make a world of difference to them.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and hope the New Year brings new beginnings that you can enjoy.

Looking for a care home?

It is daunting when the time comes to put a relative into care, but eventually when caring for someone at home becomes just too much, it’s a necessary step to take.

Social services needs to be the first stop to initiate a care needs assessment and means test to see what funding can be given towards paying costs.

The AGE UK website holds a lot of information too, and you can contact a local office to discuss your needs and concerns with someone.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) website lists all care homes and care at home services, and grades them through inspection. At least this can be a start point when looking for homes in your area.

At the end of the day visiting a care home, asking questions and getting a feel for the environment and how the residents seem has to be the way forwards.