New Lockdown measures in place in Sheffield

With the new restrictions of families not being able to mix in South Yorkshire from this Wednesday, I have reviewed all my client needs and circumstances and have taken appropriate steps. I will either continue to visits clients if providing assistance to someone, or reverted to previous times in the earlier lockdown, when I did a shop and drop, and then telephoned for chat afterwards. One or two people I can meet and walk with if the weather is good enough.

I am sure people are feeling frustrated and a bit anxious at this time, but we just need to take one day at a time and work with whatever restrictions are set out. Brighter days will eventually come!

Anguish of families separated in Care Homes

Today I watched the BBC news report highlighting how relatives have been kept apart from their loved ones for months now.

One man interviewed had been married 61 years, but has not seen his wife in the same room for over 6 months. This distress and pain at not seeing his wife was clear to see.

I have felt strongly for some time that this must be causing both parties a lot of anxiety and depression, which has to be wrong – now it is being described as inhumane. It is even harder for those suffering with dementia, who need that extra care and support from their families to cope. Many relatives will feel they have abandoned their loved one.

If staff can go home, go out and about shopping etc, surely families need to be given the same privileges. As it is a matter of testing for Covid-19, which is done on a regular basis for the care home staff, it now needs to be made available to relatives on a regular basis too.

There is a petition out at the moment to sign to give relatives some priority of being tested so I urge people to look at it and sign it – see link below it only takes a minute.

Uncertain times?

Many of us are still unsure about how to move forward with the coronavirus situation, as it makes people feel nervous and vulnerable. Everyone has to do what is best for themselves.

Treasured Time is here to befriend and support you at home in whatever way you need. I am following all guidance on social distancing and using PPE where it is required – this includes travelling in the car if going out shopping, or just going out for a walk somewhere.

If you would like to discuss your own needs, please do give me a call!

More client visits from August

The last 4 months has been difficult having to cancel seeing clients during the pandemic. Despite delivering shopping and calling some clients, this has not been applicable for most people depending on their personal circumstances.

However, from next week I will be starting to see more clients again maintaining all social distancing measures and precautions. I am looking forwards to seeing my old friends again and being able to catch up on what has happened with them over the last few months.

If you are thinking of getting in touch to discuss possible visits please do so. I look forward to hearing from you.

Further easing of lock down measures

At the end of July those self-isolating (over 70’s and those with health conditions) can start to see people in groups of 6, initially this is outside only. People can also be part of a bubble with one other family group going into their house and visa versa. At least it’s a step forward for those who have been missing their family or friends. I’m sure it won’t be too much longer that people will be allowed 1 visitor inside as long as distancing is maintained. We will have to wait for that announcement.