I originally trained in mental health nursing in the 80’s, and then went on to work in several care homes looking after the elderly. Therefore, I gained a lot of experience in dealing with people who suffer with dementia.

People living in the community with dementia/Alzheimer’s sometimes need a different approach when supporting and helping them to cope with their condition. Having worked in recent years with dementia sufferers in their own home, I have seen the different ways it can affect an individual, and everyone is different in the support they need depending on what stage their illness has reached.

Relatives or carers may also need support in looking after a relative, often being restricted to when they can leave the house and the person they are caring for. Therefore, having someone they can trust to be with their loved one can mean a great deal. Thus giving them some quality time for themselves.

Initially we would all sit down and discuss together any existing worries or problems being faced, and then agree on the best way in which I can help.

Problems faced by dementia sufferers:

  • Communication Finding words and sentences can be hard, as dementia sufferers know what they want to say, but cannot always recall the right way to express themselves. This can lead to feelings of frustration. I can help by taking time to understand what someone wants to say, or by steering the conversation in the right direction.
  • Isolationwhen people live on their own, they can soon feel isolated. Spending time with someone who does not have dementia enables that person to have a better quality of life as they can talk through the things they are struggling with.
  • Decision making – making decisions can become more difficult, and sometimes  guidance or confirmation about what is needed can be really valuable.
  • Food Safety – Memory issues can cause problems with managing food items correctly and remembering to store them safely. I can assist by ensuring food is in the correct place and binning any items that are out of date.
  • Sequencing – As the dementia progresses, individuals can forget the sequence of completing an everyday task. I can reinforce how to do a task either by explaining it with the person, or writing out instructions for them to follow.
  • Memory aids Simple signage around the home can help individuals move round the home safely and locate where things are.

Treasured Time can make a difference to someone dealing with dementia by supporting them in their own home.

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