Residential home visits:

Stimulation for residents is key to improving their wellbeing and health. Attending to these needs can sometimes fall low in the priority of organizing the daily tasks to be completed, especially at times of staff holidays or sickness. Staff working in residential or care homes, can soon be overstretched in providing personal care to their residents, leaving limited time to spend with each resident to chat and spend quality time with them.

I am able to offer a befriending service to residents visiting them in the day room to initiate conversation, or I can encourage singing sessions or playing games to encourage socializing between the residents. Alternatively I can visit people individually in their own room to spend time listening to them. This can support the staff by me being able to help with minor requests of passing things, organizing drinks etc, or I can advise staff of any needs the residents may have whilst I am there.

If this service would be of interest, please contact me so that I can come in and discuss your requirements further.


£20 per hour.