Singing and Dementia

Last night there was a programme on BBC1 called ‘ Our Dementia Choir With Vicky McClure‘ – a must watch programme showing the benefits of singing for those who suffer with the condition. Having been to something similar myself with clients, you can see the joy and happiness singing has on everyone concerned, and how easily the words flow  when you would least expect it sometimes. Some memories do not fade with time. 

In Sheffield get in touch with the Alzheimers Society to find out how to join a singing group on a monthly basis.

Elderly Care of the Future?

The BBC has reported that the government is looking to set up funding elderly care in a similar way to how the state pension is managed currently. This will be by introducing additional national insurance contributions for the over 50’s, amounting to an extra £300 annually to create a fairer social system, which is currently under huge pressure to cope with the demands of our aging population. At the moment social care is not funded the same from one area to another making it a postcode lottery. People will be able to supplement payments to get a more expensive level of support. Details of the plans will be released in due course. One to follow I think!

Dancing with Dementia

There is a session held regularly at Ponds Forge for dancing with dementia – I will be visiting with a client this month on 24 August between 1-3pm. If you know someone who might like to move to music why not come along and give it a go. You can say hello to me too!

Sharing a task

Today I helped a lady get to the shops and do her shopping. We then prepared and cooked lunch together. Nice to have company doing these things. There was a nice slice of carrot cake to finish off!