1 year of Covid restrictions

It’s hard to think that it’s a year to date that we went into our first lockdown. So much has happened to people on a personal level, whether they have lost a family member, lost their income or have faced battles against loneliness and isolation.

For me it has been a mixed year of stopping visits to clients and converting to doing shopping and telephone calls where I can. I have also had to find new ways to help people during the crisis and have done some personal assistant work until things return to normal – whatever normal is going to be.

The good thing is most of the elderly and vulnerable have now been vaccinated – me included as a carer. This gives us all a better level of protection from either getting the virus in the first place, or minimising the effect it may have on us if we do unfortunately pick it up.

Lets all look to the future with new hope that we can see friends and family again soon.

I can see people with essential needs now, or plan for visits in the future, if it is not possible at the moment.