Social Health Care

All the parties acknowledge the need to improve the current health care system for the elderly in their manifesto’s.

The Lib Dems say they will raise £7 billion a year additional revenue which will be ring-fenced to be spent only on NHS and social care services. This revenue it to be generated from a 1p rise on the basic, higher and additional rates of Income Tax (this revenue will be neither levied nor spent in Scotland.)

Labor states that urgent funding is needed as well as structural change for the long term, and believes personal care should be free at the point of use, paid for through general
taxation, like healthcare, and have described their plans for a National Care Service with freepersonal care in the policy document ‘Towards a National Care Service’, however it is not made clear how this will be addressed.

The Conservatives say as a first step and to stabilise the Social Care system, they announced in the autumn additional funding of £1 billion for the year beginning in April 2020. They are now confirming this additional funding in every year of the new  Parliament.

So food for thought – a minor issue to some a major issue to others.